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Here are two rudimentary styled segments from a remote online class which cover how to use drags and 5 stroke rolls as fills in various 4/4 rhythms.

NOTE: The student is not present here as these are only video samples highlighting drumming styles that are typically covered in a remote online class.

Click here to view the "Drag Application" notation page.

Click here to view the "5 Stroke Roll Application" notation page.

Sample Online Remote Class 1

Drag Applications

Sample Online Remote Class 2

5 Stroke Roll Applications


I can highly recommend Larry's teaching abilities without reservation. My son walked in with no knowledge and even a failed attempt with other teachers. Somehow in a very short time, after the very first lesson Larry gave Daniel just the right amount of encouragement, direction and know how to have him practicing and really sounding good. For a student with no musical background and a slight interest Daniel has improved and enjoyed his lessons from day one. I am delighted to endorse this schools professional quality.
Debra Silverman

My son Matthew has been taking drum lessons from Larry Bennett for the past 6 years. During the course of our introductory meeting, I laid out what I wanted Matthew's drum education to encompass. The primary quality I emphasized at that time was BALANCE. I wanted Matthew to have a strong fundamental percussion education (be able to read music) but I also wanted Larry to develop Matthew's ear training. I also wanted a balance between technical training and songs that Matthew wanted to play, in order to keep his interest high. Matthew has an interest in many musical styles, ie rock, country and jazz, and I expressed a desire to have his drum instruction account for his varied interests. Larry has done an excellent job of achieving these goals. Matthew has won several drum competitions thanks in large part to Larry's guidance. Larry has also developed a very relaxed relationship with Matthew and has created an atmosphere in which Matthew looks forward to each lesson. Without reservation I would recommend Larry Bennett as a drum teacher. Thank you.
Paul R. Thomas

Larry teaches my daughter Jasmine drums, and she has rapidly progressed from knowing nothing about the instrument to playing along with songs convincingly, in time. I'm a musician myself, and it delights me to see Jasmine's enthusiasm... she practices every day with no prompting from me. She also always mentions funny things that Larry says. they seem to have great rapport. I credit Larry for being an awesome, highly experienced, fun, nice and inspiring teacher.
Kristina Koromzay

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