Learn To Play The Drums Remotely Online

Drum Lessons Remotely helps to connect with drummers from anywhere in the world via the Internet using state-of-the-art video conferencing. Setting up for drum lessons is simple no matter how proficient you are on the computer. If you have a desktop computer, laptop or tablet with a webcam on it, you’re good to go! Most devices today deliver a crystal clear video experience. Try our free half hour trial lesson!

We use a four camera system during our remote online lesson which offers views of the front, side, overhead and pedals on the teachers drum set...see images below.

In any given lesson, emphasis is usually placed on: technique, rudiments, theory, ear training, time keeping, performing skills, adapting to different styles, and feels. Styles taught include: Rock, Metal, Double Bass, Progressive, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Country, Funk, Reggae and Latin. To learn more about the teacher and his style of teaching, click here for his bio.

Remote Lesson Requirements:

  • You will need a computer or tablet with a webcam, built-in microphone, speakers (preferably headphones) and a wired Internet or WIFI connection.
  • An acoustic or electric drum set in a place where you can take an uninterrupted private lesson.
  • FYI: Electric drums sets will always sound a little better over the Internet than acoustic kits.
  • NOTE: In the event that the audio sounds a little choppy or distorted during the remote online lesson, an excellent backup is using your cell phone to handle the audio along with the separate video connection from your computer or tablet.
  • Click here for a few sample remote class videos.
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    Click on an image below to see the studio's remote camera layout.



    Drum Lessons Remotely is a division of the Boulder Drum Studio located in Boulder, Colorado. It was founded by Larry Bennett in 2004 and is proud to offer multi-camera remote drum lessons, also known as virtual or online lessons.


    • Comprehensive drum education program
    • Highly qualified music teacher
    • Over 30 years of teaching experience
    • Free half hour trial lesson
    • Flexible make-up policy
    • Student referral discounts
    • Four camera remote online system
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